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I had wanted to do something with super-guitarist Russ Steadman for some many years... when the opportunity came (I think I just sent him an e-mail & we were off & running), I crunched some traks down right away & shot them off to him.

What I really like about Russ's playing-style is that it's totally "him"... no "clone" playing here... we'd be very interested in hearing your impressions, too.

I feel (really) privileged to have played with so many excellent musicians & poets from the original "hometaper" scene... & this excursion with Russ is no exception!

This will be the last posting I make for a while, as I'm off to Hawaii for a couple of years (or so).

You can purchase all the songs from the album at:



My friend Kramtones (aka Harlan Mark Vale) and I have done many, MANY musical projects over the last 25 years... "Nowsterday" is kind of a "culmination" CD (for us). All the little digital tricks that Mark taught me seemed to surface as I was playing the base trax for this effort.

When he sat down in his (windmill driven) studio and layered his interpretations over my sketches, it all "came together", as they say. Mark is a MASTER PLAYER who I have enjoyed knowing as both a player & a friend, & I'm proud to be able to offer our work up for your ears! Very cool stuff, we think - but we'd like YOUR thoughts on that, as well, in the form of a comment, please.

If you liked the music you heard on this PODCAST, please consider PURCHASING the entire CD, at:



My friend Eric Hausmann and I made this album courtesy of the US Postal Service... Eric laid his fantastic guitar tracks down, then I went over top with my Kurzweill.

For those who love instrumental music, this should "fill the bill". We will be interested to hear your thoughts on our music, in the form of a comment!


This is from my first-ever live poetry & spoken-word performance, at a coffee-house in Olympia, WA, called the GNU DELI.

It's from many years ago, but the recording came out well (we think). Be interesting to hear your impressons!


Bret Hart was one of my first contacts in the "underground" music scene, in (of all places) Pyongtaek, Korea. He had already been "in" & "on" the scene for quite some years before I jumped into it with both feet!

I realized (only after creating this podcast) that I hadn't posted any of the work(s) he and I did together in the early 1990's. (For that I apologize, Bro' Bret).

We hope you enjoy some our by-mail antics... quite "some stuff", to be sure! Please let us know what you think with a comment!


This track is from a CD titled "Psychedelic Landscapes" that I did early in the 21st century, with my multi-instrumentalist friend from San Francisco, Ernesto Diaz-Infante.

It is unique because the spoken-word part (which is the majority of the piece) was all totally spontaneous... nothing written down, nothing rehearsed.

I'd be VERY interested to hear your impressions, in the form of a comment (pro OR con). Thanks!


While I was living out in Michigan (Troy, to be exact), I hooked up with a few players, most notably with a gent who called himself "Vision-Ear". His real name was Jim Konen, & he was one MON-STAH' playin' dude!

The 3 tracks you hear on this 'cast are the result of TOTALLY spontaneous improvs in his studio & in my living room. I'm sure you'll agree, this is one KILLER player, & I consider myself very fortunate to have gotten to play with Jim.

Please leave us your comments!

You can purchase ALL the songs from this podcast at:



My long-time friend John M. Bennett is a poet & performance artist from Columbus, Ohio. I don't even remember what year we first hooked up, it's been so long, but these 3 tracks are from one of our first tape/albums together in the late '80's, called FLAG SLEEPING.

We welcome your feedback & comments


My friend Eric Wallack, guitarist extraordinaire, took some time to overlay true beauty on top of these 3 tunes from 3 different CD's/albums.

All three cuts feature my vocals, which I was pretty proud of. I don't often get the opportunity to sing any more, & this really "did the trick" for me; when combined with Mr. Wallack's superb sonic visions, these tunes turned out splendidly (at least we thought so; will look forward to your comments)!


This was from an album Mark Kissinger & I did a few years back.

It features Mark's pleasantly psychedelic guitar mastery & some "on-the-spot" improvisations I did on my Kurzweill PC 88.

We hope you enjoy it well enough to post a comment & spread the word to your friends, so they can download it, too.

Our thanks in advance!

You can get the whole album FREE at the following link:



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